Frankly, 400 is probably the least exciting of every multiple of 100 below about 1400..

400 comics! That’s way more than I ever thought I’d make. Big thanks to all my awesome readers, and even the non-awesome ones (though I doubt there are any)!

I guess there’s nothing to do now but shoot for 500.

Oh, there was was a thing I thought up few months ago where I wanted to make a sort of “best-of” list of Mountain Time episodes. I’d say there’s maybe a 75% chance there was actually a reason for this, but I forget it. Anyway, if there’s a comic or two that really stood out to you, I’d like to know about it, in case I ever remember the reason. (You can use the search function on the Archive page to help you find things.)

Here’s a Pelican Cell-o’-lantern: