January 14th, 2010

The Sink That Destroyed Fear But Was Not A Sink

Not to be all “Jewish people are cars,” but what’s up with Jewish people being cars?


Hey dudes,
Looks like that’s about it for Mountain Time — at least for a while. Right now, my “ambitious comic ideas” list is a lot longer than, well, whatever the opposite list is called (I’m not sure because they’re actually all on the same list; maybe if I were better with list-keeping I wouldn’t have these problems). So yeah, I decided to do a hiatus thing so I could sort of slough off some old tendencies and make way for exciting new ones.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

Perhaps you’d like to try the Mountain Time drinking game! Here are the rules:

1. Drink any time you’re reading Mountain Time. (I always do!)
2. Invent better rules if desired.

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  1. Golden Joe

    That Rabbi looks like it’s just two people standing the other’s shoulders while hiding behind a trench coat.

  2. The Notorious Hamster

    He’s a fake jew footer!

  3. ColdFusion

    A great rabbi once said.. Great is the car with power steering and dyna-flow suspension.

  4. AlbinoNinja

    Alright, transcriptions complete. I guess I’m not allowed to die in the foreseeable future lest no transcriptions be completed.

  5. dav

    very true, AlbinoNinja! you’ve added to the list of reasons you’re a part of the mountain time family

  6. Booster Seat

    All hail AlbinoNinja and his wondrous power of transcription.

  7. isto

    Albino: Awesome stuff as usual. Thanks! And what a fitting avatar. If I had a payroll, I’d consider putting you on it.
    There HAS been a little bit of transcribing going on, actually, but it’s all been on older comics.

  8. AlbinoNinja

    Whoo! I now have a hypothetical second job!!

    Also, I thought so too.

  9. Melodie

    I thought the first few comments read “rabbit”, which lead to quite a bit of confusion.

  10. Melodie

    Awww, I’m going to miss Mountain Time!

  11. AlbinoNinja

    Well, this kinda sucks. Now I’m down to 5 webcomics to read. All of which are nothing like this! Ah well, it was a good run.

  12. The Notorious Hamster

    Sadness envelops me.
    This has by far been my favorite web comic of all time, and I can’t wait for it to come back.

  13. Duckling

    aww this is so sad.. I only found this a few weeks ago, and from the first second i knew that this webcomic was everything I was looking for, guess I’ll have to stick to the other ones I’m following =/

  14. ColdFusion

    Well you’ll link us your new stuff, right? As long as you’re making comics that’s good enough for me.

  15. isto

    Man, you guys make me feel sad AND flattered!
    I just don’t want to keep flaking on my update schedule, and I don’t want to rush through and do a crappy job on the comic, so declaring a hiatus seems like the best thing to do.
    Think of this as the end of season 1, with season 2 to start at a time currently unspecified.

  16. Dav

    as long as we know there is a season 2, we’ll be ok

  17. Golden Joe

    I’ll be waiting with bated breath.

  18. HueMann

    Good luck with all your future endeavours, and please come back to Mountain Time soon! =)

  19. Anonymous

    Mountain Time is, without a doubt, one of the smartest and funniest webcomics I have ever read. It’s sad to say goodbye, but I’ll just keep looking forward to the second season.

  20. Ixcaliber


  21. AlbinoNinja

    Every few days if no one else has posted a comment here I shall take the liberty of doing so myself. I can’t stand to see this place so dead. I am officially going into denial.

  22. Golden Joe

    We need a forum or something.

  23. isto

    Yo dudes,
    So I’m in Flagstaff, AZ right now, which is about 1950 miles from Cleveland (formerly known as home) and about 4049 miles from somewhere else. I’m a firm believer that vagrancy friggin’ rules, but it does make it hard to update Mountain Time. I’ve got at least another week of being a vagrant, and then I’ve got to get my scanner and junk, but I HAVE been working on a special feature comic and some other stuff, so, uh, yeah. Patience?

    Joe: I’d considered putting in a forum before, but it seems like overkill, doesn’t it?

  24. Golden Joe

    I don’t think it would be. I mean, it’s just seems a bit weird going back and forth on a comment section. Either way, it’s your call.

    By the way, how is Arizonia? I hear it gets quite cold down there around this time.

  25. isto

    I see your point, but with only a few hundred readers and a total of like 20 commenters, I think the Mountain Time forum would be one of those that goes stagnant for weeks (at this time, anyway). I’m open to persuasion, though.

    I’m in California now, but Arizona was really pretty nice. Chilly, but not cold. Best scenery of the trip so far, if only because New Mexico was a total snow-and-fog festival.

  26. AlbinoNinja

    Hooray! My denial has caused input from isto himself. I don’t think a forum is quite in our best interest at this time, as there would be around 5 people who frequent it. A healthy forum needs somewhere around 30-50 people who will visit it at least occasionally to make it seem alive.

  27. The Notorious Hamster

    Forum: eventually; not now.

  28. alw_ays

    My first Mountain Time withdrawal symptoms hit today. Looking forward for the Rabbit which is really two people stacked in a trench coat spewing jewish car-related proverbs.

  29. isto

    No promises, but if the new scanner cooperates… Thursday.

    Also, until that last one, Mountain Time was at 666 comments total.

    Edit: Stupid scanner isn’t even here yet. :(

  30. AlbinoNinja

    Well, darn. I guess that didn’t work out. A picture is fine too.

  31. alw_ays

    Maybe it was a spell and I broke it. Not the scanner. I did not break the scanner. The comment count put a spell on the comic updates. I broke the spell. Never mind, this can’t end well for me.

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