1. dav

    this is a major win

  2. Duckling

    Looks like you have quite an interesting trip

  3. isto

    Thanks, dav!
    Duckling: it had its moments.

  4. Golden Joe

    ………Hear that?

    That’s the sound of my brain blowing out the back of my head.

    That’s a good thing. I guess.

  5. alw_ays

    Oregon has a trail. It did not start in Indiana, though it seems you picked it up in OK, OK. It was also bloody.
    Oregon also has volcanoes. Indiana has tornadoes, probably. I don’t know. Missouri does; I assume it of Indiana. Why would you trade a tornado for a volcano?

  6. ScienceRat

    Wait a sec, weasels aren’t real!

  7. isto

    Joe: I’m sorry you’re dead.

    alw_ays: That Oregon trail is dangerous! We’re lucky we made it without dying of cholera.

    ScienceRat: I believe you because your avatar is awesome.

  8. Coy Woodnesse

    Indiana: less exciting than a rug.

    That panel should definitely win the “most accurate definition of Indiana ever” award.

  9. Marty

    Indiana reminds me of Monopoly!

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