The Usual Mayors, from TOG

Imitation Mountain Time, from TOG

The Ballad of the Song of the Gender & Racially Neutral Inactivity of “Brett” and His “Room”mate, from The Knight of The Colloquial Countenance

Dave, Surf Rat, and onion, from the Baron

Donna the Bears, from Coldfusion

A fish tank, from One Immense Gun

Dave in a cave, by unknown cavepeople (photo by Tomas)


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can’t cross the same river twice, unless you’re a vampire, by beta lambda echo tri w/moral support from sinbad and the concept of hope itself assuming the avatar of AI school

Daikon and Salad at Vinaigra, by ColdFusion

Toaster Strudels for Dummies, by Tom

The Rabbit Is Named Darin C Thorpe, by Lemoncurry?

Gibberish, By GandaPestile


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Nero Fiddles While George Burns, by Lemoncurry?

Untitled No. 327: Unbeknownst To The Robot, The Hovering Sea-Vulture Is Actually An Old World Vulture (but the New World Vulture Wizard would never admit that), by Lysis Lambda

Symbolic, if you are into that kind of thing, by Gandapestile

piano-smashing robots have a different idea of boring. it is also different from those of seals and wizards. the mummy is really a piano in disguise. by ble003

Hats Off to Hats, by Coldfusion


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Cheyenne, by Teetery

Elmore Fedoric and the Doge of Constantinople’s New Shoes, by Lemoncurry?

The Difference Between Pastrami and Corned Beef, by Lemoncurry?

Bhava Agra As Seen Through a Wizard’s Mind, by Iceball3

Niobrara County, by ItEndsWithTens

Turkey, by ButterOnABaldMonkey

No Frills, by ColdFusion

Untitled No. 4: In This Reality The Police Officer is a Condor (and helium is known by a more apt, if less noble, name), by Lysis Lambda


Banana Lawyer

Dewey, Peelem & Howe

Order on the Plate!

A Cavendish Banana, to Be Specific

Blind Banana Lawyer?

Chiquita at Law

Don’t Worry, We Are Going to File an Appeel

Tough Day at the Office


Down By Law

Money Money Money

Sweaty Nanner

Edition 76.4

If the Peel Don’t Fit

The Scales of Justice

This One’s Purple

A Banana with a Book

Loopy and Droopy

Mr. Jones

Musical Lawyer

Power Suit

Peels the Fifth

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