I didn’t post this on Thursday because Saturday was Mountain Time’s fourth birthday, and I thought it’d be neat to put it up then. But then I remembered that things get really weird when Mountain Time updates on weekends, so I just held off till today.

I also wanted to put up some bonus material in celebration, but the fourth completed year of internet presence is kind of a crappy milestone. I mean, finishing your first year is kind of like, “Hey, look, I did what I said I’d do.” It’s the same feeling of accomplishment I get whenever I actually remember to take out the trash.

Finishing the second year feels better, like cleaning the entire kitchen. Finishing the third year is the best of all — it’s like cleaning the entire kitchen, and MAINTAINING that cleanliness for a couple of days, despite cooking several meals. But when you complete your fourth year, it’s kinda like, “Hey, look, I’ve, uh… been doing this for a while. Maybe I’m becoming a clean freak, like nobody’s favorite member of the Tanner household.”