Sorry for the lack of an update Thursday. I guess the spookiness of Halloween got to me.

But there is an upside, and I call it Donna the Bears the Pumpkin, the Gourd of Many Articles (and the Protector of Mexico too, I guess):


It’s far from perfect, but it actually turned out better than I expected.

Regarding the subject matter of today’s comic, I’ve found an interesting YouTube clip that inadvertently summarizes the issue: This video shows the lyrics as being “what’s happenin now,” but the description beneath the video lists the lyrics as “what’s poppin tonite?”. Furthermore, there’s a bubble that pops up above the lyrics during the chorus that reads “what’s hoppin’ tonight?”. Clearly, there is no consensus. My suggestion? Drop Nelly and listen to far superior rap. Or stick with Nelly songs, but listen to somebody else perform them. Whatever you like.