Dudes and non-dudes, the Contra Waltz is an actual kind of waltz! I doubt the same can be said for the Mega Man 2 Waltz, the Clash at Demonhead Waltz, the Rescue: The Embassy Mission Waltz or the Crash ‘n the Boys Street Challenge Waltz, but I haven’t actually checked.


Hello, Mountain Timers! It’s break time; Mountain Time will return January 4, 2010. (That’s pronounced “twenty-ten” guys! We’re a decade into this century now, so it’s about time we got comfortable with it – no more of this “two-thousand-x” business. It’s way too formal. It’d be like calling Picasso by his full name. We don’t even use the “Pablo” anymore, because when you say “Picasso”, no one assumes you’re talking about Frank Picasso.)

I hope you all have/had an excellent Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Yuletide/Saturnalia/Opiumorama/whatever, and a happy new year, and a few other good days in between – I mean, don’t go crazy with it, but, you know, don’t spend the whole time flagellating yourselves with razor wire or whatever.

Oh, and I’ll still be around to answer emails and comments and love letters and all that.