Hey there, tunes and tunas: before you go “wait, how can this be Mountain Time 126 when Mountain Time 113 was only 10 episodes ago? Come on, Combs,” let me explain:

Mountain Time 113? Totally mislabeled. I’m not sure when I slipped up with the counting, but I know it was before Mountain Time 100 (meaning that entire post was just plain wrong). Up until just the other day, I was too lazy to either a.) go through and count the archives or b.) look at the upper left section of my WordPress screen. Now I’ve done both!

Also, do you remember those old Looney Tunes episodes where the Bugs/Daffy would interact with the cartoonist (as represented by a big pencil), who would redraw the setting just to mess with Bugs/Daffy? Yeah, well panels 2 and 3 are what that looks like without the magic of animation.