I find this comic ridiculous because I’m now a fan of bossa nova music. (4/7/16)

The Original Under-Comic Notes:

So it occurs to me that if you’re here, you probably like bad drawings and wackiness. Boy, should you ever check out The Sentence Game! I haven’t played it online for a while, but what’s awesome is that you can totally play it Mountain Time style, too! (That means on paper.) I’ve been playing it recently with friends and colleagues, and it is better than many things (not nailin’ chicks or obeyin’ traffic laws, you know, but other things).

If you hate that idea but would still like to make silly drawings for others to see, feel free to send me your own Mountain Time-esque creations!* On that topic: to the person who sent me that sweet “Jenny the Thank You Unicorn” drawing: I totally managed to lose it, because I am the worst person ever? Anyway, it was great and I am sorry.

*Because if you do, I will totally make a page devoted to them.