2017 chim


Chimneyfoot is sort of the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer of the Euclidean pixies, except instead of a red nose, he has a chimney for a foot. Also, unlike Rudolph, Chim has yet to find acceptance among his brethren, who continue to hate his guts. He’s a close friend (and roommate) of Agoraphobic Hamster, though. He’s also a friend and fill-in worker for the Great One. He has actually been the Grim Reaper, and literally drinks more than is humanly possible.





2017 onion


You know what DDT does to condors? It strengthens their beaks, gives their feathers a spectacular luster and can up to double their fecundity. Didn’t know that? That’s because of onions. Species of assassins, onions are cunning condor-haters who work with such precision and tact that DDT ended up getting banned for its severe “negative effects” on condor population. Onions are good at what they do, and there’s no telling when they shall or shallot strike.


2017 dave


Dave has superpowers! He’s also pretty weird. I mean, granted, simply having superpowers is already pretty weird, but Dave is a guy who has superpowers and is weird in addition to that. For instance, he wears a top hat. Anyone who wears a top hat when it’s after about 1920 or so is pretty weird.




2017 hamster

Agoraphobic Hamster

Wow, this hamster really dislikes public places! It’s mainly an anxiety thing. Since he’s almost always at home, Agoraphobic Hamster has plenty of time for his hobbies, which include pointing out the narrator’s mistakes, inventing new kinds of juice, and writing underquels to novels (which are like sequels or prequels, but instead of taking place before or after the novel, they’re just less interesting).

Hamster took Chimneyfoot in as a roommate for reasons that will probably be spelled out in a later comic.



simoneSimone Dit

Simone is a professional beachball player who has a higher-than-usual rate of encountering ghosts and other supernatural beings. She lives with her boyfriend Brian, who’s an explorer and, unbeknownst to him, the founder of a country.





2017 great one

The Great One

The Great One is both a god and a hot dog. He’s especially popular in Denmark, where he is known as The Great Dane and is regarded as the god of solving mysteries and eating giant sandwiches. Elsewhere, he is known as a god of death. Elsewhere got it right.





Dawn. Or maybe Damn.Dawn

Dawn has a hard time telling up from down, owing to a rare condition called “uppy-downy dyslexia.” Aside from that, she has little in common with members of congress. Ha! That’s the kind of razor-sharp political humor Mountain Time is known for.





adios-tacoAdios Taco

This gun-toting, obstacle-hopping, bilingual, meat-filled tortilla of action is, well, all of the things I just said. He’s also an official spokesperson for SPLASH! fruit juice cocktail. He’s probably motivated by altruism, but it’s hard to tell because you mostly just want to eat him.


onion shakespeare

Onion Shakespeare

With virtually all the condors on Earth dead, the Onion-Condor war has essentially ended. The onions still come to the aid of humanity in times of military need, but with a lot more free time than ever before, many of them are taking up hobbies.


Onion Shakespeare is an author and playwright. He is quite untalented at both, but if being untalented were enough to make people quit writing, you wouldn’t be reading this now.

bub the fly



Bub is a fly who knows what’s up. He’s a judge on the game show Sanguinity, and he frequently hangs out at Joe’s Pool Hall with Chimneyfoot (and other drinking buddies). He’s got a bit of a Hollywood complex to him, though, and not in the Mannequin way.



jerk and raoul

Some Jerk and Raoul

Raoul has a condition whereby he can only tell you things he knows you already know, and he’s followed around everywhere by some jerk who finds the whole thing hilarious.







An unlucky fellow, Floppy lives in the sky. He also spends a fair amount of time on the ground, because his floppiness allows him to fall from the sky without dying.

No one’s sure if he falls so often because he’s unlucky, or if it only seems like he falls a lot because most people only do it the once.



pickle jar and eddie

Pickle Jar Louie and Eddie the Squash

Like any other town with a mafia presence, New Lancaster has a mafia presence. Two of the most active gangsters in town are Pickle Jar Louie and Eddie the Squash.

You might mistake them for a couple of Daves, but the dip in their hats — as well the stereotypically thick Italian accents you’re meant to read them in — should tell you otherwise.





Members of the Space Exploration Program, astronauts explore the depths of space, exploring uncharted planets with the aid of exploratory spaceships that travel exploratively throughout the cosmos. Astronauts tend to have poor luck, possibly because they used up all their good luck becoming astronauts, or maybe because the explorable regions of space tend to be inhospitable to explorers. Nonetheless, exploringly exploring planets with moderate to high explorability is what astronauts do best.




Robots are quasi-intelligent beings made to aid humans. They spend a lot of time trying to figure themselves out, which is their chief similarity with introspective underclassmen and René Descartes.




surf-ratSurf Rat

A powerful rodent on a surfboard, Surf Rat rides the Wave of Freedom wherever he goes. This allows him to overcome great adversity: Surf Rat has taken out criminals and ended entire wars! What’s this amazing rat’s story? Basically, Surf Rat is a superhero who solves the world’s problems by drowning everyone in front of him, which is a really effective way of solving problems — especially if your problems are people standing in front of you.


gwen-stefani-turtle-smallGwen Stefani Turtles

These turtles always seem to find The Sweet Escape from whatever confines them. They also Love Angel Music, Baby. I guess. But more than any of that, they were a weird idea that has sinced ruined my life by making me listen to Gwen Stefani songs for research. Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na.

More recently, the Gwen Stefani Turtles mutated into wildly new creatures that are still turtles.


self-aware-dinosaur-2Self-Aware Dinosaur

He’s an Allosaurus and he knows it.





cowboyThe Cowboy

This guy messes with things. Or he reveals the truth. Or he messes with revealing the truth. Or he reveals that the truth is a mess. It’s hard to say. But it’s definitely worth noting that he’s a cowboy, not a boy cow. That would be a bull. Also, he talks funny and wears spurs. Honest-to-God spurs. Come on.




brigandThe Brigand

The Brigand is technically the adversary of the Cowboy, but they tend to avoid each other — probably because that many spurs in one place increases cholesterol (mathematicians know what I mean). It’s a good thing they keep apart, because their dichotomous relationship is full of moral ambiguity that would take a lot of writing to tackle.

More to the point, ladies love the Brigand.




sheep-with-wagonSheep (with Wagon)

Originally, the sheep was supposed to be a tiger, and the wagon was a toy that he and a spiky-haired 6-year-old would ride down hills and into ravines. However, there’s this guy who keeps stealing my ideas and using them to write comics 20 years ago, so instead, I have a sheep who peddles wares in a wagon. But it’s still a metaphor for the rapidity of life and the value of foresight. Oh, and for the tendency to overlook incongruence between one’s statements and reality.




Mailboxes are jerks. They are often sinister jerks. They are seldom soda jerks. They are completely disparate from hypnic jerks (which are those things that happen when you nod off and you sort of dream that you’re falling, and you jerk yourself awake trying to stop the fall. For me, they always go like this: I’m walking down a sidewalk and I trip over an uneven expansion joint. Whee. I find this really annoying, since A: it keeps me awake, and B: I wish my subconscious were a little more creative than sidewalks every time), and sometimes they have lofty, evil goals.


donnacharDonna the Bears

Donna the Bears is a woman with multiple personalities that all happen to be bears. Her interests include fish, honey, and berries. According to the readership, Donna is Mountain Time’s token hottie. I really didn’t make that up.






The penguins were brought in to play a sort of Greek-chorus role, but they kind of suck at it because of their zealotry regarding Norse religion. Seems out of place for Antarctic penguins, but there you go.





Bartending Unicorn

Deep in the mystic woods (in which there are no trees), there is a bar called Joe’s Pool Hall (which has no pool tables and nobody named Joe, and is un-hall-like in that it’s entirely outdoors), which is tended by a unicorn. This bar is legend to some and a frequented watering hole to others. The unicorn pushes Windex-based drinks, and I’m pretty sure it’s not because he wants to keep his glasses streak-free.




pelican cello, pelican cello...

The Pelican Cello

The Pelican Cello is a minor demon (which is like a major demon, but with a darker, sadder sound) with many powers, including flight, eye lasers, the ability to identify cheeses at 20 yards, and a knack for making lists. Like Godzilla, its voice is made with cello strings, but unlike Godzilla, it is rather articulate. Oh, and shuck that jive about “cellar door.” “Pelican Cello” is a much more euphonious phrase.



archery-buoyArchery Buoy

Archery Buoy is a police officer whose beat is the seas surrounding the demon-plagued land of Thraax. With his trusty bow ever at the ready, he enforces maritime law and bitches, bitches, bitches. He finds his own existence to be annoying and stupid, but other than that, he’s not much like you or me.




burrito-squid1Burrito Squid

Constantly quivering with tension, Burrito Squid lives in a state of unyielding terror as he tries to come to grips with what it means to be a flying squid whose head is a burrito. His only respite is the occasional, horrifying recognition of the world that surrounds him.





He sure is pod-likePod-like Thing

This thing has done lots of things it hasn’t actually done, and it has many attributes it doesn’t actually have. And vice versa.





white knightThe White Knight

The White Knight seeks to destroy the Dreadful Dragon so that he may have the hand of Princess Online Dating in marriage. If he were smart, he’d ask for more than just her hand. He probably wouldn’t be foiled by the Cowboy as often, either.




Have you considered the perks of jar ownership?Mr. Football Pants

Hailing from the cover of The Zap Gun by Philip K. Dick, Mr. Football Pants is the greatest jar salesman in the galaxy. He can also walk on air and survive without breathing, but, like most things in life, these endeavors are trivial compared to the sale of jars.




reverb-unit-4Reverb Unit 4

Saved from certain death at sea by a benevolent narwhal, Reverb Unit 4 showed her appreciation by founding Narwhal City. It’s on land, though. She also has a talking right leg, and is the star of the aptly* named Amoeba Series.

*In the sense of “aptly” meaning “inaptly.”




soup-of-the-day-steve3Soup-of-the-day Steve

Steve has a number of strange powers, and he’d like you to know about the soup of the day. He’s often mistaken for Dave, but they’re quite different characters. For one thing, Dave wears a top hat, while Steve wears a bowler. For another, if Mountain Time were a D&D setting, Dave would fall under the “Chaotic Neutral” alignment, whereas Steve would be designated “Chaotic Soup”.





Lobotomy PandaLobotomy Panda

When you hear the phrase “lobotomy-seeking panda,” you might imagine a Chinese bear that flies toward certain surgical procedures performed on patients’ frontal lobes, exploding on arrival. Actually, the correct term for that is “lobotomy-seeking panda missile.” Lobotomy Panda is simply a panda whose only aspiration in life is to receive a lobotomy.