This is the Metric About page, which is like the normal About page, but more useful. It was inspired by the side of my ruler that has more lines.




I’m sure you already figured this out, but Mountain Time is a webcomic. It is drawn entirely by hand, with ink on paper, except for the parts that aren’t. Every episode of Mountain Time is divided into 4 roughly equal horizontal rows, within which things typically happen, usually involving characters in situations. These situations can sometimes be confusing, either because they involve settings and character behaviors that were established in earlier episodes, or because I felt like it.


Mountain Time probably makes more references to the computer game Pogo Joe than any other stick-figure webcomic involving ninja onions.




Mountain Time takes place in a polytheistic universe (or, more accurately, in quite a few polytheistic universes) in which it is not uncommon for a person to actually meet one or more deities. As such, it’s pretty weird how frequently Mountain Time characters profess their belief in the teachings of Martin Luther. My guess is that Mountain Time itself is a devout Lutheran. I don’t know how that’s possible, but I imagine I piss it off quite a bit.




My name is Chris Combs. I live near a Thai restaurant that makes really good pad bai kraprao. Well, actually, I don’t really know if it’s good pad bai kraprao, because I’ve never had pad bai kraprao from anywhere else to compare it to. But it’s a stir fry in a red chili sauce, and I’ve had plenty of that from other places, and all in all… eh, you know what? I think not telling you about how this pad bai kraprao stacks up against other red chili stir fries adds an intriguing note of mystery to my character. Sorry about the half-review, and you’re welcome for that tinge of intrigue you’re feeling.




Oh man, I had this game on my Commodore 64 back in the 1840s or whenever, and it was all the beans above my eels, as they say. It was like Q*Bert, but instead of a foul-mouthed bicycle horn, you were this kid on a pogo stick. The bad guys were hot-air balloons and this yellow guy with an elephant-trunk-like facial appendage, and some other things too, I guess, and when you beat a level, there’d be this sting of faux harpsichord music that often didn’t really sound congratulatory.


Left to right: A hot-air balloon, some kind of stripy yellow thing, Joe, and Mr. Pseudo Elephant.