As you no doubt deduced, I didn’t put this comic up yesterday because:

  1. yesterday’s date was 4/4;
  2. it would’ve been awesome to put up comic number 444 on 4/4;
  3. this is comic number 443; and
  4. putting up comic number 443 on 4/4 would’ve been like playing Tetris and just missing a four-line score (more succinctly called a Tetris) by one stupid little blank spot.

Thus, I opted to put #443 up today, on 4/5. As a consolation, 44345 is both a) not a valid ZIP code and b) the item number of an LCD deluxe digital microscope at Celestron, LLC.

Besides, if I can pump out 112 comics in the next 31 days, there’ll be a 5 party!