Shampoo week marches on, as it will continue to do on Wednesday and Thursday! But first,


There are now 300 episodes of Mountain Time. In my book, that’s officially a lot of Mountain Times. Enormous thanks to all you Mountain Timers for timing those mountains!

And how about dry shampoo, eh? It’s all the rage among people who eat uncooked spaghetti and go swimming in salt flats, but it’s really just a throwback to the old school hair-cleaning technique of throwing some cornmeal in your hair and brushing it out. Which makes me wonder why people buy dry shampoo at all. According to my research, 3 dollars will buy you 5 ounces of dry shampoo or 24 ounces of cornmeal. Cornmeal is almost 5 TIMES MORE COST EFFECTIVE if the 14 seconds I spent looking into this matter are trustworthy.

The Pelican Cello: good with lists.