This is definitely the 2est Mountain Time yet. Note that it came out on 11/11 — that’s 2 11s — and that if you snap 11 apart like a Kit Kat, you get 1 and 1, which make 2. Or, you could simply add the 2 11s and get 22. So either way, that’s 2 2s. Moreover, that’s 2 ways to get 2 2s! And if we strip all the non-numerical characters out of that last sentence, we get 222, which also happens to be the episode number of today’s comic.

So that’s 2 ways in which this comic relates to 222. If we lay those 222s out next to each other, we get 222222, or 6 2s. 6 is the smallest perfect number. Then, if we look at the number of 2s in the year this comic was published (2010), we get 1, which is the smallest multiply perfect number! And if we add that 1 to that 6, we get 7. Multiply that by 2, and you get 14, which is the number of panels in this comic!

Also, “that’s a textbook symptom of a broken towel” is the new “that’s what she said,” at least as far as I’m concerned.

Pelican Cello, Pelican Cello