June 12th, 2014


Dawn has made it to the Characters page. It’s not that big an accomplishment, but it looks good on a resume.
facebook-button-20Twitter? I barely... eh, you know.


  1. PandaGestile, the pessimistic

    Psychopathic tendencies are so in right now. If by “in”, you actually mean the subtlety of concentric circles, metaphorical or otherwise. For “in” is nothing as toward infinity, even when “in” is infinite. The Onions of the Psyche are all emptiness, filled with rhetorical remorse.

    Who should I blame for EQ?

  2. ColdFusion

    It’s a Dawn of a new age!
    I must make sure never to quote the SNL sketch ‘Oops I Crapped My Pants’ in this office.. god knows what would happen.

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