December 30th, 2013

Mountain Time 512: Dog in a Car

You know how Mountain Time has been updating Monday through Thursday for the past few weeks? Well, it’s doing that again this week, but with a bonus episode on Friday. MOUNTAIN TIME EVERY WEEKDAY, BITCHES AND SIRES!
facebook-button-20Twitter? I barely... eh, you know.


  1. haduped

    This comic is far too linear to be mountain time. Who is the guest writer!?

  2. ColdFusion

    COMING SOON…er or later.

  3. isto

    Haduped: I wrote the 500 Happening almost solely with the special part of my brain that usually only reminds me which shirt-tie combinations I’ve worn to work recently. As a result, the 500 Happening was very aware of its continuity, and my wardrobe was basically just purple and blue every day for 2 months.

    Cold: It’ll be out in May. If you’re really that anxious, read the book to pass the time.

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