October 25th, 2012

King Louis V Is Not Currently Thuggin’

Just for fun, here’s what Mountain Time looks like in 3D:

400 Comix


  1. ColdFusion

    I’m going to tentatively agree that daleks aren’t horses..
    right now I’m just jealous that your stack of paper comics is a lot less dirty and dusty than mine…

  2. isto

    If a dalek claims he is a horse, I’m not going to argue. Of course, if he thought he were a horse, he’d have to kill himself…

  3. The Sentient Houseplant

    What’s this, Doctor Who fans in Mountain Time? God, this place is awesome.

    Also that horse joke was really…

  4. The Soul of a Talking Leopard Whose Soul is Actually a Changeling Named "Shadow the Leopard, why the #@!#!! Would you Think I was called Shadow the Hedgehog?", who is Currently Hunting Antelopes for Their Livers, Unless he's Doing Something Else

    A recognizable dalek in a stick-figure comic?
    A dalek in a stick-figure comic at all?


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