October 11th, 2012

Upper Coasts


Last week’s lack of prolificacy is rearing its head again this week; my prolificity is still down. Trouble is, instead of writing comics, I’m trying to decide which I prefer between “prolificacy” and “prolificity.”

I think it’s my mind’s version of a “low-battery” light.
I’m'a put my head on the charger for a few days.


The best thing about October is, like, seven things, which is why it’s the best month. One of those best things is carving cartoon characters into gourds and setting them aglow. Without a doubt, this will be the redeeming quality that persuades hostile alien invaders to let humans continue to exist.

Anyway, my first piece of pumpkin art this year is a tribute to Dinosaur Comics, a long-time favorite of mine.



  1. ColdFusion

    that is a great punkin, and if you look at the negative space, it almost makes another dinosaur.
    having a blank face makes it less of a loss to donate it.. but it doesn’t improve the smell.
    that little bellyphant is speaking my mind…
    and yeah, colors, man.. notice how yellow has to be exactly yellow or it’s some other color

  2. isto

    Good point about yellow. I had a cousin who, growing up, would always deny anything being yellow. It was all green to him.

  3. Klear

    Did he grow to become a banker?

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