September 25th, 2012



Old romance comics made Mountain Temporal!


  1. Klear

    I’m confused by the duck riding a pig. Where is the fly?

  2. ColdFusion

    I wanna say something about the idea of shoe phones and sugared ham tea, but I’m just blown away by that majestic pig-flying bird. So majestic.

  3. isto

    Klear: If you’ve ever looked closely at one, you know that the common fly is really just a combination of a bird and a mammal.

    Cold: It’s truly one of nature’s most breathtaking abominations.

  4. The Sentient Houseplant

    Apparently the average boss keeps a hobo barrel fire in his office. Probably to remind him of those less fortunate while he’s filling out those TPS reports, or perhaps, considering said reports, more fortunate.

  5. isto

    Or he believes it to be the intercom system. I’ve had a boss or two whose awareness was more questionable than that.

  6. dutchguy

    Please, if nature had intended birds and pigs to get along “Angry Bird” wouldn’t exist

  7. Maltor Drey

    Houseplant, isto: alternately, he’s a hobo with an office desk and chair.

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