September 4th, 2012

Crispy Jell-O

Warning: pornstache


  1. ColdFusion

    Not so much self-deprecation, but I always appreciate negativity as a way for people to bond. Don’t you just hate that one thing? Sure do.

  2. The Sentient Houseplant

    “Shave and a haircut, bitches!” is an awesome action movie line. Think about it: Kick down a door, cock a shotgun, “Shave and a haircut bitches!”

    Also, I can see why ladies love The Brigand, he’s displaying insane amounts of cool here. Probably why he’s hanging out in the desert.

  3. isto

    Re: The Brigand: Agreed — wearing black, no less. I just wonder where he’s keeping the rest of his beer.

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