August 23rd, 2012

The Hill Of Killers Part 2: The Second Part

Ok, ok, no more jokes about heaven missing things. For a while, anyway.


  1. ColdFusion

    Ah yes, I remember that musical fondly.. all those catchy songs.. that one inexplicably star trek reference that I’m sure came as a result of ‘Tenagra’ being the only viable rhyme for pellagra.

  2. Booster Seat

    Where can I pre-order Malignant B-9? Folic acid poetry gets me so hot.

  3. SCAL37

    I always found “Niacin Deficiency” a bit overrated. “The Hypervitaminosis Diaries” never got the recognition it deserved outside the purple cactus community.

  4. isto

    Cold: I like the tune about taking vitamin supplements with meals that goes “Take B-3 B-4 and you’ll be fine.”

    Booster: That’s a normal reaction for women to have; after all, higher levels of folic acid intake create higher quality, er, genetic material.

    SCAL37: Don’t bother seeing “Thoroughly Adequate Beta Carotene.”

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