August 13th, 2012

Mountain Time 382

Pod-like Thing made the Characters page! Way to go, Thing!

Also, the three guys in today’s comic (Cloud-head Guy, Mr. Mustache, and Mr. Glasses) have shown up several times, but I’ve never been able to decide on names for them. I think this might call for a Mountain Timer vote*.

Should these guys be
a) Bernard, Michael, and Syd; or
b) Marvin, Lou, and Haywood?

And, given those options, which name goes with which person?

*To all readers who never comment: it only asks for your email to eliminate known spambots. I’m the only one who can see it, and I like you guys way too much to dick you over. And, of course, you can use a fake address, and no one will care. Just don’t make it viagracialis@dickpills.boner.


  1. HueMann

    Definitely B, but moustache-guy should get all three, ie. Marvin Lou Haywood (first, middle and last names).

  2. Lemoncurry?

    HueMann seems to have had a fairly good idea there. That leaves the name Bernard Michael available for Mr. Glasses and the possibility that Cloud-head could be named Ted Bennsy, or Ted Bennys, or Ned Tennys, or Ben Dysent or some other anagram there of.

  3. talwraith

    I’m just disappointed that the name Hand-feet didn’t make the list. Short of this, Hue’s ideas have merit.

  4. ColdFusion

    Gotta go with B.
    That is one informative newspaper..
    wow I did not know birds could do that, that’s amazing.. I’ll remember that for the future.. I imagine bird-people in a fantasy setting would be able to see ley lines and shizzle like that.
    If good anagrams make you a good candidate, that makes me wanna look up all recent candidates for office and run their names through an anagram generator…

  5. isto

    HueMann: I like your idea, and Marvin Lou Haywood has a nice ring to it. But it’s also pretty long, and his friends (pretty much the only people he ever shows up with) would only refer to him by one name.

    Lemoncurry?: I like the anagram idea…

    Talwraith: Hand-feet could be a whole new character. With a smelly handshake.

    Cold: I know! Some birds can see ultraviolet light, too. Also: Mitt Romney = Not My Mitre; Barack Obama = Ram Back A Boa; Jill Stein = Ill Sin Jet

  6. Hyphae

    SPAMBOT SCRIPT# 2380_i
    :: Comment ::
    end if //how do I code again??

  7. Hyphae

    HueMann LemonCurry? talwraith ColdFusion itso Hyphae = May i Cure Cold Hen napes to mourn tHe Fury on alL swath? oi

    Who’s with me on that one? oi oi oi

  8. The Sentient Houseplant

    I think Hyphae is on to some kind of Mountain Time conspiracy hiding the cure of the Chicken Common Cold from the middle-class farmer so the Chicken medicine corporations can make all the money that they then funnel into the R&D division of Mountain Time.

  9. isto

    Joke’s on him — Big Chicken Pharmaceuticals lost all contribution viability in ‘11. Miles of red tape, but suffice it to say that these things always come down to the highest bidder. A lot of people are sharing whispers and passing notes about the apparent rise to prominence of Big Alpaca Pharm, but I’ve learned to keep my eggs in very, shall we say, specialized baskets.

    Doesn’t matter, though. Mountain Time R&D makes its money by selling the R and doing other people’s D. (It effectively doubles your R.) Nowadays, it’s the marketing department that’s making book stew. But that’s ok; before long, the P won’t have much choice about what kind of R they have with Mountain Time.

  10. Hyphae

    The Sentient Houseplant = The Sentient Houseplant
    !!! I DID IT! I have unraveled the mystery! Sorry to out you so publicly, TSH, but the truth must be reveled! …and reviled…

  11. isto

    Ah, hype.

  12. Lemoncurry?

    The conspiracy grows ever deeper!
    Spatula Drama = Puma tar salad = Adam plus Tara = A dual star map = Mad Paul as art = Maud a rats pal
    And many more!

  13. Hyphae

    pizza time = zip me pa zit
    I think this thing goes deeper than we think!

  14. isto

    Mountain Time = I’m Timeout Ann = Titanium Omen = Meat Munition = Neat Inuit Mom

  15. The Sentient Houseplant

    No! Hyphae why? I trusted you.

  16. isto

    No! Hyphae why? I trusted you. = Why you hyphenised “a-trout” = A pithy honeydew hurts you

  17. ItEndsWithTens

    Mountain Time = Aim It Unto Men

    Biblical speak for “tell the world of this comic”.

  18. isto

    Amen to that. I’d expect nothing less than great advice from ItEndsWithTens = Widest Thinnest = Dentists Whiten

  19. Gendreavus

    Scoring one more point for the humans, it’s Gendreavus! But the bots still have a commanding lead. Who will come out on top? Come find out after this brief message from our sponsors!

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