July 9th, 2012



I shouldn’t have to tell you that I’d much rather do a post on Friday the 13th than on Thursday the 12th, but I’m doing it anyway because I’m a big fan of written communication.


  1. ColdFusion

    Indeed, Caesar was just named after someone who was born by c-section..
    but while we’re nitpicking, that’s a pronghorn, which isn’t really an antelope..

  2. isto

    What passes for an antelope in the Mountain Time Zone passes for one in Mountain Time.

  3. The Sentient Houseplant

    That must be a very enthusiastic gun to shout YA like that before BANG. Or it could just be allergic to divers, making that a sort of gun-sneeze. If that is the case, Gesundheit.

  4. isto

    I think it just saw Friday the 13th Part VI one too many times.

  5. Offendi

    I wouldn’t shoot a pegalope or a prongasus out of the sky, either. Does that make me a vegetarian? (I almost typed prog-asus, which would have been a very different kind of animal.)

  6. isto

    I don’t know about a vegetarian, but it does make you a weak spot in the event of pegalope invasion.

  7. Agrarian Librarian

    “I just shot an antelope out of the sky, Paul.” I would love to see that quote on a t-shirt.
    And I guess that gun has accent bullets, I’ve never known a gun to “Ya-BANG” before.

  8. The Soul of a Talking Leopard Whose Soul is Actually a Changeling Named "Shadow the Leopard, why the #@!#!! Would you Think I was called Shadow the Hedgehog?", who is Currently Hunting Antelopes for Their Livers, Unless he's Doing Something Else

    I think Paul is too many people in Mountain Time.
    He should slow down and try just being three people at once, or even two!

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