June 26th, 2012

Littlest Blue House

As of today, you could read one Mountain Time comic per day for an entire leap year. That’s a really weird way to go through the archives, but if you do it, let me know which ones are your favorites?


  1. ColdFusion

    Continuing from yesterday: yeah the easter eggs are only good if they tell you to click on them.. and that’s not very eastery.
    I’m pretty sure I’m neither Shelly Duvall nor a tree.

  2. The Soul of a Talking Leopard Whose Soul is Actually a Changeling Named "Shadow the Leopard, why the #@!#!! Would you Think I was called Shadow the Hedgehog?", who is Currently Hunting Antelopes for Their Livers, Unless he's Doing Something Else

    I thought the keys to bringing down anything were extreme ludicrous stealth to the point of asphyxiation — after all,the sound of your breathing could give you away! — and total darkness so that you can’t see what you’re hunting but, more importantly, it can’t see you!!!

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