June 19th, 2012

Anonymous January

Wait — YESTERDAY was Monday?


  1. Booster Seat

    This is definitely in the top 5 comics about wainscoting I have ever read.

  2. ColdFusion

    enlarging ponytails.. a country I don’t recognize.. and not just wainscoting but TWO kinds of wainscoting.. something I only know from the Simpsons..
    I’d like to do some of that time-dating myself. Oldtimier women were foxy and fine.

  3. isto

    Booster: Finally, I’ve cracked a list!

    Cold: Which era? I’d go 1960s, myself. Also, that’s Chile.

  4. Klear

    Wainscoting… wainscoting… wainscoting…

  5. The Soul of a Talking Leopard Whose Soul is Actually a Changeling Named "Shadow the Leopard, why the #@!#!! Would you Think I was called Shadow the Hedgehog?", who is Currently Hunting Antelopes for Their Livers, Unless he's Doing Something Else

    There’s a sheep in the wainscoting.
    I guess I’ll devour him before I devour you.


  6. Maltor Drey

    I’m a big fan of the Victorian era, personally.

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