May 17th, 2012

Mountain Time 357

17 panels!



  1. ColdFusion

    I don’t know if I can think of a single better object to make into a helicopter.
    That is one tiny little caveman.. maybe he’s a rejected shower-cleaner advertising mascot.

  2. isto

    There’s no shame in that; the competition in the shower-cleaner arena is tough.

  3. The Sentient Houseplant

    All I got is a working model of Micro-management.
    Anyone want to trade?

  4. lhommealenvers

    cool haikus.

  5. The Soul of a Talking Leopard Whose Soul is Actually a Changeling Named "Shadow the Leopard, why the #@!#!! Would you Think I was called Shadow the Hedgehog?", who is Currently Hunting Antelopes for Their Livers, Unless he's Doing Something Else

    Did you know that Linneus was a vocal opponent of evolution; or would have been if he was around at the same time as Darwin, which he might have been; despite the fact that he invented the taxonomic system that classifies all evolution today?
    Personally, I think he was a closeted evolutionist. One thing’s for sure, he definitely loved latin.

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