March 15th, 2012

Mountain Time 341



  1. ItEndsWithTens


  2. Agrarian Librarian

    This episode brought to you by… Rocks. “We are down to earth.”

  3. Randomexplosions

    The tools in the last panel appear to spell “BAT”

  4. tomas

    Mountain Time Rocks.

  5. ColdFusion

    Whenever people talk about the meaning of life, I get confused by what they mean by “meaning”.. what’s the “meaning” they want? The definition of the word? The significance of the concept?
    I love that bird devil.. with his digitigrade legs.. which birds already have, but usually attached higher so you don’t see the thighs.. so he’s got him some LOW-ATTACHED LEGS which, along with horns and a pointy-tipped tail, are devilesque to the max.

  6. hello happy pirate

    I prefer stones…

  7. isto

    AgLib: Hehe, with a slogan like that, rocks might really catch on!

    RandomEx: You’re doing quite a bit of interpretive work on the “A” there…

    Cold: “Digitigrade” looks like someone was trying to make an awesome palindrome, but got lazy toward the end.

    HHP: You should talk to Watson:

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