March 6th, 2012

Mountain Time 338


  1. ItEndsWithTens

    “Hey Bill, you know that play you’re working on?”
    “Know it? I boat it!”

  2. Bird

    A drawing of half a boat should never be compromised in the name of theater. If that were the case, we would of never had… Either way, let this be lesson to all. Maintain dignity. When the time to shine comes, don’t crap your pants. You’ll get laughed at and likely won’t be invited back to shine ever again.

  3. ColdFusion

    I should’ve known hatracks were aliens.. theyre so weird..
    That troll looks smashing in his beret I must say… and yeah.. the sun is kind of immune to MOST attacks.

  4. The Sentient Houseplant

    Credit where it’s due, it’s a very nice boat.
    Four stars.

  5. Golden Joe

    Is it cool if I just sparknote the boat?

  6. isto

    Tens: How about:
    Bill: I wrote a boat.
    Paul: You rowed a boat?

    Bird: Sailing is so much more than theater. For instance, it’s applied buoyancy.

    Cold: Thanks on behalf of the troll. Also, the sun’s defenses are great, but its ranged attack is easily parried.

    Houseplant: It’s not much of a play, but then, you can’t go fishing on a play.

    Joe: Why not? Heck, I only finished half of it.

  7. The Soul of Bright-Reddish-Orange Mostly Nonhuman Intellectual Cold-Loving Fox

    Hatracks would be surprised how many ghosts, zombies and people worship them.
    And bird, stop writing my biography. I beg you. Besides, you’re one to talk. Birds don’t even have bladders to control.

  8. The Soul of Bright-Reddish-Orange Mostly Nonhuman Intellectual Cold-Loving Fox

    …I mean that in the best possible way.
    (Please stop writing my biography) :P

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