March 1st, 2012

Mountain Time 337

It’s March, which used to be the first month of the year back when things made sense. Hopefully it will bring an end to my streak of scrawling comics out late at night and putting them up two hours late. Also a teleport machine. Always hope for March to bring a teleport machine.


  1. Bird

    This reminds me of the day I spent in Woonsocket, RI. Popping heads and falling skeletons. And the Gunter’s honey bear. Jesus, that bear can handle a blade. He killed that hooker before I even had a chance to snatch the ho’s daily earnings. We ate good that night.

  2. The Sentient Houseplant

    Was the skeleton fleeing in terror or did it just have the urge to go base jumping?

  3. SCAL37

    It’s good to see a more cultured ray than the stereotypical depictions of the cartilaginous one finds so often.

  4. ColdFusion

    that’s how I’d react to planet-bleeding too, I ’spect.
    I’m going to call the future ‘the afternow’ from now on..

  5. isto

    Bird: You should try to sell your story to the Woonsocket tourism board. Just tack on a catchy slogan, i.e.: Romance. Excitement. Woonsocket.

    Houseplant: Good question. In the original sketch, that was his reaction to the question.

    SCAL: Cultured, yes, but also heartlessly plutocratic. That’s rays for you, I suppose.

    Cold: I hope that, sometime in the afternow, the term “afternow” will be commonplace.

  6. Lemoncurry?

    “Afternow” seems a good sturdy doublespeak neologism, conveying simply and succinctly what is strictly meant, without being bogged down by the hogswash and horsefeathers that have become part and parcel to the connotation of the archaic term “future”. The “future” may hold such malarkey as flying cars and cybernetically enhanced fish, let the “future” keep them. Let us hope instead that in the approaching henceforward and eventual afternow we shall rather see the advent of such sensible progressions as the aviatory automobile and computer symbol-panels that include and support both mustachioed and shaven question marks.

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