December 5th, 2011

The Case Of The Window Dressers

According to OhNoRobot (a search engine for webcomics that you can find on the archive page), this is the only comic to use the phrase “edaphological ursinologist,” or either of its constituent words, on the internet.

Oh, and welcome to what I suppose is Mountain Time’s third poorly defined “season.” How’ve you been?


  1. AlbinoNinja

    Hooray! New mountain time. Somehow I’m not surprised by Mountain Time’s pioneering spirit in using the phrase “edaphological ursinologist.”

  2. Randomexplosions

    @AlbinoNinja Damnit! Beat me to it.

  3. isto

    “Edaphological ursinologist” is an anagram for, among other things, “Indigo Girls: Actual Shoe Polo.”

  4. Golden Joe

    Mmm… Good ol’ Mountain Time. Missed you, buddy.

  5. ColdFusion

    First I was laughing.. then the last three panels just hammered it in like a stake in my eleventh elbow, which doesn’t hurt because I have none..

  6. Mountain Time

    Right back atcha, Joe!

  7. isto

    Cold: Glad to hear there was laughter and 10 or fewer elbows!

    “Edaphological ursinologist” is also an anagram for “Indigo Girls: Loco Plateau Hoes.”

  8. ItEndsWithTens

    The comic is back! I hope you enjoyed the time off, isto, but I say it’s Mountain Time for some Mountain Comics.

    I’ve been watching Fountain Mime in the interim. He’s not as entertaining.

  9. hello happy pirate

    I’m glad to see New Lancaster finally getting what’s comin’ to em! Why they deserve it though or what it is, the world may never know.

    P.S. Welcome Back Mountain Time! I’m so glad you did not go the way of Spatula Drama.

  10. isto

    Tens: Sorry dude — Fountain Mime blows! But yeah, it was good time off. I did things and ate comestibles.

    HHP: Here’s where I was GOING to pull up a bunch of examples of how New Lancaster always takes a bunch of crap, because it’s the main urban setting of Mountain Time, but it doesn’t show up much in the archives, so I guess I haven’t mentioned it as much as I thought, commma, comma, full stop.

    Also: Man, I really forgot about Spatula Drama AGAIN.

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