July 18th, 2011

Mountain Time 282

Mr. Clapboard Face wandered off, probably because he couldn’t TAKE it anymore?



  1. Iceball3

    The argument of the century. Glorious. Pay no mind to the fact how tasty popsicle tea tmay be.

  2. isto

    Thankfully, the century is young.

  3. ColdFusion

    I was distracted at first not remembering what a clapboard was called.. THen that argument.. that intelligent argument.. and then that stealth pun at the end..
    You get
    not last place. Ding!

  4. AlbinoNinja

    Can’t it only be considered popsicle tea if it’s in a teacup? Otherwise, I would consider that to be popsicle soup.

  5. isto

    I thought soup at first, but when I looked at the number of ingredients (water, popsicle), soup seemed like a bit of a stretch.

  6. meatballsforeveryone

    Isn’t it a juice?

  7. isto

    I suppose it might be an -ade.

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