July 7th, 2011

Mountain Time 280


Ryan gives us TWO Pizza Times this week. Awesome.

Pizza Time 4. Hey, Pizza Time 5, too!

Shirts till it hurts! (It shouldn't actually hurt, though. Seek help if it does.)


  1. ColdFusion

    That is all.

  2. isto

    Can’t say I wasn’t thinking it.

  3. lhommealenvers

    Goombas! :D

  4. Syzygy

    That would be a terrible punishment…. EVERY time? All of them…? D:

  5. AlbinoNinja

    So… is that the fifth dimension?

  6. lhommealenvers


  7. isto

    lhommealenvers: Goombas are nature’s ottomans, but they’re not nature’s best ottomans.

    Syzygy: I know! Not only would the list be extremely long, but you’ve got to listen to that thing make snide remarks about it?

    Albino: It’s a rather fivey dimension, at least.

    lhomme: Bananas make even worse ottomans than Goombas.

  8. lhommealenvers

    I shall meditate that. Until next comic.

  9. Siphon

    This comic will give me nightmares. That would surely be my hell.

  10. ButterOnABaldMonkey

    Those hours of castlevania… Oh god…

    At least 10,000 “fall to my doom” deaths alone…

    It would get better once I got into RPG’s but… still…

    You are an evil man.

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