June 13th, 2011

Last Igloo On The Moon

Anyone who wants to expand the Techno Rabbit Apocalypse universe should totally write a series about it, because that would be pretty friggin’ rad.


Here’s a surprise: Thursday’s comic is behind schedule. Look for it Thursday evening, but keep in mind that I’m talking about Thursday evening Pacific Time.

It's about time somebody wrote about video games on the internet!

The Pelican Cello: good with lists.


  1. minorstepstairs

    Two Furniture sets? That’s a living room and a half! WHY WOULD YOU WASTE SOMEONE SO VALUABLE!

  2. Golden Joe

    Okay, here’s a funny idea: How about just surrendering all the world’s supply of carrots. And then hit them with carrot missiles while they’re pacified.

  3. isto

    They probably tried that but got shot down by Campbell’s soup, which stood to go belly-up without a bountiful carrot supply. That’s right: Techno Rabbit Apocalypse, brought to you by big soup.

  4. meatballsforeveryone

    May have to take stab at continuing the series- maybe a co-op my old friend…

  5. ColdFusion

    that techno rabbit apocalypse is a truly disturbing future.. I’m affected!

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