June 6th, 2011

Mountain Time 272

The Pelican Cello is now on the Characters page.

The Pelican Cello: good with lists.


So I was able to sense, through the internet ether, that you, the glorious readers of Mountain Time, wanted this comic to stay on the main page just a little bit longer than scheduled, probably because you love the burrito-squid and don’t find his speech patterns annoying in the slightest. Dudes, I’ve got you covered! I’ll wait a little while before putting up Thursday’s comic.


  1. ZebulonAntilles

    So? Did it have anything to do with the tank or not? I need to know!

    Also, hooray for Pelican Cello finally getting some of the respect he deserves.

  2. Burnt Pies

    I do enjoy seeing Dave. Dave always lightens up my day.

  3. isto

    Zeb: I’d hate to spoil the mystery.

    Pies: Dave would probably be upset to hear that.

  4. ColdFusion

    well, squid can expel air, and burritos give you a lot of wind..
    I think folate is good for pregnant ladies, assuming it’s related to folic acid.
    Poor lady… another senseless death from tiny military proliferation.

  5. Burnt Pies

    If Dave doesn’t like it, he shouldn’t be so darn enjoyable to watch.

  6. Ixcaliber

    Does that mean that when it next rains, suddenly micro tanks everywhere?

  7. isto

    Micro Tank Massacre.

  8. minorstepstairs

    I have a feeling that Squid Burrito is that annoying kid that follows you around and adds extra lines to your conversations even though no one is paying attention.

  9. meatballsforeveryone

    Are those floating slippers in the background?

  10. isto

    No. Those are clouds. Floating slippers would be silly.

  11. Iceball3

    Hm… In the top right panel, her tongue and mouth, and that tank, it looks ever so ambiguous to a 1-up mushroom, but redesigned by some random artist person.

  12. isto

    Holy crap, it does!

  13. Maltor Drey

    You know, Dave kind of reminds me of xkcd’s Black Hat, only with more superpowers.

  14. Isto

    And a much bigger hat.

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