June 2nd, 2011

Hey, Have Some Catfish!

Mountain Time: comics about tree maintenance.

(In case you were wondering, exclamation marks are cheaper by the dozen.)

Shirts till it hurts! (It shouldn't actually hurt, though. Seek help if it does.)cellorca


  1. minorstepstairs

    And of course, Zero Friction Girl was uninjured as it requires friction to cause injury.

  2. isto

    I was thinking about that, but I figured skirting Newton’s first law of motion doesn’t save you from dealing with his third.

  3. AlbinoNinja

    At least it wasn’t Negative Friction Lad, but I suppose he’s gained enough acceleration by now to escape Earth’s gravity.

  4. AlbinoNinja

    Or rather velocity.

  5. ButterOnABaldMonkey

    You even got a bakers dozen. I am impressed as always.

  6. isto

    Albino: I hired him to hold up the Mountain Time satellite, but he’s out of range already.

    Butter: You’re right! I think I skipped one in panel 8.


    Hey, I was going to make the same comment about the baker’s dozen, but I was counting the one in the title and apparently missed the exact same one in panel 8.

    Point is: are we expected to believe you paid for a dozen exclamation marks and got not one, but TWO extra? Or did you pay for the one in the title seperately? Or, or was the one in the title included, but your exlamation mark supplier refused to include the massive one in panel 5 as part of the package, claiming that it is TOO MASSIVE?

    Did you explain that it is necessarily massive, due to the approaching nature of one of Zero Friction Girl? Did he.. did he ask who Zero Friction Girl is?

  8. isto

    Oh, I don’t even write the titles. I outsource that duty to some wholesale outfit in Guam. No idea what they pay for their exclamation marks; they probably make their own. It’s the hand-drawn ones that I have to pay for. I’m told this makes sense.

  9. ColdFusion

    There’s these bizarre oversized thick-skinned green grapefruits called Pommelos..
    I hope ZFG is good. I like her, I like her mask, I like her skirt, and i like her exclamation of her own name..
    and YES I wonder about that a lot.. it’s silly that science recognizes ‘house spiders’ I mean, even if they make it inside, unless they hitch rides on people, 99 percent of their offspring are going to live outside..

  10. ItEndsWithTens

    Of course, even if you manage to hash out the dozen/baker’s dozen/baker’s dozen plus issue, you’re all ignoring the twenty-six you get for free when you turn the comic upside down and count all the lowercase Is.

    And man, ZFG’s body fits that dead condor like a glove.

  11. One Immense Gun

    I’ve gone and mixed my huge ethereal spoons and ethereal balloons together and can’t For the liFe oF me work out how to separate them. Or why I would want to.

  12. isto

    Cold: I haven’t had a pomelo yet; I’ve been focusing more on melons lately. I can tell you that ZFG is good, at least on the good-evil scale. “House spiders” is a weird delineation, since it seems to me that most spiders are perfectly happy to come and live in my house, the bastards.

    EndsWithTens: There ARE 26! You are a shrewd exclamation mark scavenger.

    OIG: I think the trick is either to see which ones you can use to eat ethereal cereal (there’s a marketing gimmick), or to see which ones can kill ethereal sea turtles. Good luck!

  13. ItEndsWithTens

    Well, thank you, but I seem to have failed my hunt on my initial sweep through the comic, as I only just noticed the shape formed by the panels themselves in row 2, and again in row 4. I’m such a disappointment.

  14. isto


  15. ColdFusion

    That’s so weird. I’m pretty sure I meant “I hope she’s okay” but for some reason I typed a not-really-synonym and inadvertently questioned her morality. Now she’ll NEVER date me.

  16. meatballsforeveryone

    I was going to kill that too.

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