May 10th, 2011

Mountain Time 265


In keeping with what seems to be the theme for the month of May, Thursday’s comic is running behind schedule.

In case you missed it last week, I wrote about the then-yet-to-occur Kentucky Derby, which went ahead and occurred Saturday. So read it now if you like being all timey wimey:

This is not a review of the 1972 film Night of the Lepus. Sorry.

Plus, the menu to the right now has a link to the new Reviews page, which will hopefully start getting longer soon.

Oh, and if you missed it several times over the past few months, there are T-shirts:

Shirts suitable for everyone with a torso.


  1. minorstepstairs


  2. Dav

    the dimetrodon is certain a surprise, if not supplies

  3. ColdFusion

    Whoa, that last panel.. I love it.. I’ll ponder it a while.
    When I was a dumb little kid it seemed like spinosaurs were just standing-up dimetrodons but theyre really not.

  4. Golden Joe

    Man, you’d think that John Lithgow would have a say in being the eyes of an unholy monster.
    The Great One said it, not me.

  5. isto

    Minorsteps: CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!

    Dav: Bacon is always supplies.

    Cold: The fancy goose in the last panel is more closely related to a spinosaur than the dimetrodon is! I think…

    Joe: What makes you think that wasn’t John Lithgow’s idea?

  6. The Soul of a Very Confused and Sligtly Mad Ocelot

    Reinforcing interior walls is very important for keeping zombies out of *any* building!
    Exterior walls are extremely overrated.

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