December 30th, 2010

Mountain Time 234

New Year’s is an interesting holiday, since you’re really just celebrating calendars, but I’m always happy to play along. In 2011, I’d like to see 2 things:

1. More people saying “twenty-eleven” instead of “two-thousand-eleven.”
2. More people wearing Mountain Time shirts, because THERE ARE NOW MOUNTAIN TIME SHIRTS. Guys, seriously.



  1. Justin

    “Painful Morning Wood” is easily the best thing I’ve seen this week

  2. Justin

    Also, woot for t-shirts

  3. AlbinoNinja

    Amen to #1 on your list, Isto. Actually, amen to both things on your list.

  4. Edgard

    I want my Donna the bears t-shirt!!!

  5. Bart

    I am totally purchasing a piece of cloth to go over my torso praising the time in the moutains as soon as I decide which is the best choice

  6. hello happy pirate

    FINALLY! Thia either means you got that satellite up or you have physical t-shirts to buy!

  7. Dav

    Zombie tooth paste is even worse, my own mouth was trying to eat me

  8. Golden Joe

    Now I can finally know what time it always is in a certain area of the world by looking down at my shirt! Oh my god these shirts are beautiful.

  9. ColdFusion

    zombie ointment seems to contain leprosol.
    Yeah itching, I don’t get. It’s like how if something irritates your nose, you sneeze out your mouth. what IS that?

  10. isto

    Justin: I’m going to go ahead and take that out of context. Why were you looking at painful boners this morning?

    AlbinoNinja: Glad to know I’m not alone.

    Edgard: There is a particular way to get one!

    Bart: You’ve already made the best choice; the next choice is just details (or some other salesman-esque line).

    HHP: Got the satellite FIXED is the thing.

    Dav: The bottom name in cavity protection.

    Joe: Wherever it’s approximately 7:25, you mean?

    ColdFusion: Zombie Ointment acts just like a real zombie, in that it sort of bites your limbs off. But yeah, itching’s dumb.

  11. hello happy pirate

    By the way isto, If I was you (which I’m not but BOY DO I WISH I WAS) I would add a shop button to your header, or whatever you call it.

  12. AlbinoNinja

    Not to mention possibly un-cross-out Tuesday.

  13. isto

    HHP: Thanks for the reminder!

    Albino: We’ll see.

  14. Edgard

    A particular way to get a Donna t-shirt? Maybe developing more personalities? All of them be—RAARR!!

  15. Maltor Drey

    You still don’t have a link to the shop in the header, by the way.

  16. isto

    I did for a little while.

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