December 23rd, 2010

Mountain Time 231

I’ll admit I’m not entirely certain how dolphin noises should be written out. We oughtta have specific words for that.


  1. ColdFusion

    You know the dolphins have their own crazy alphabet made by pressing the blowhole into soft sea-dough in various patterns. The olympics logo spells a super profane word, that’s why no dolphin has ever attended.
    I’ll never look at houses the same way again :0

  2. hello happy pirate

    He’s lucky. Last Time I saw Dave, he Cimpmunkified my hearing just for having the same name as him.
    And everyone knows Chipmunks are more annoying then dolphins.

  3. Golden Joe

    Dave must be planning to create some sort of marble uprising.

  4. Dav

    three marbles are necessary for the construction of any decent time machine

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