December 16th, 2010

Sledgehammer Of Truth

Can you spot 6 differences between panels 7 and 8 (besides the banner)?

Roll over for a hint: no.


  1. Golden Joe

    Oh man. I almost didn’t notice that giant snail bear in the eighth panel!

  2. ColdFusion

    What an honest carnivorous alien..

  3. hello happy pirate

    And I’ll be a Regular Casanova!
    … HANDICAPPED Casanova!

  4. isto

    Maybe in panel 8, the monster is holding a cigar, and the ashes falling from the cigar are taking the form of the repetitive astronaut. So that, combined with the giant snail bear (which I still haven’t noticed, but I’ll take Joe’s word), makes 2.

  5. The Soul of a Reddish-Brown Mostly Nonhuman Intellectual Cold-Loving Fox

    Well, in panel 7 there was an invisible tiger…

  6. Maltor Drey

    The planet changed colour! I can’t believe I was the first to notice that!

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