November 11th, 2010

Mountain Time 222

This is definitely the 2est Mountain Time yet. Note that it came out on 11/11 — that’s 2 11s — and that if you snap 11 apart like a Kit Kat, you get 1 and 1, which make 2. Or, you could simply add the 2 11s and get 22. So either way, that’s 2 2s. Moreover, that’s 2 ways to get 2 2s! And if we strip all the non-numerical characters out of that last sentence, we get 222, which also happens to be the episode number of today’s comic.

So that’s 2 ways in which this comic relates to 222. If we lay those 222s out next to each other, we get 222222, or 6 2s. 6 is the smallest perfect number. Then, if we look at the number of 2s in the year this comic was published (2010), we get 1, which is the smallest multiply perfect number! And if we add that 1 to that 6, we get 7. Multiply that by 2, and you get 14, which is the number of panels in this comic!

Also, “that’s a textbook symptom of a broken towel” is the new “that’s what she said,” at least as far as I’m concerned.

Pelican Cello, Pelican Cello


  1. ColdFusion

    That frog is so cute ;_;
    The word Gazpacho appears to have similar powers to Strong Bad’s forehead gem…
    I have towels like those, btw, they’re supposed to be those super shammy things and they don’t absorb at all.. they just have the power to stay wet forever.

  2. Hello Happy Pirate

    Is that Dave? That can’t be Dave. Dave has a top hat. NOT A BOWLER.

  3. isto

    That’s Soup-of-the-day Steve. He’s appeared before (though not too recently):

  4. AlbinoNinja

    Cold, I bet they absorbed like crazy when you first got them though.

  5. Golden Joe

    Can’t you return the towels for a refund?

    Man, these towels today. They don’t make them like they used to.

  6. Offendi

    If we subtract 89365748 from 89365750, we get —

    oh my god.

  7. Demonic Dan

    I never trusted slugs, they always are plotting, now i realize they are the fore runners for the elk conspiracy! It all makes sense now…

  8. ColdFusion

    Naw alb-ninj, they didn’t even work brand new.

  9. AlbinoNinja

    New Albino Ninja? I’m the same one, I just changed my email…

  10. ColdFusion

    naw man I said nawwwww. I was in full Will Smith mode. Hopefully no beavers were listening, or they could begin to gnaw and that’s just not something I can approve of.

  11. AlbinoNinja

    Oh I’m sorry cold, I appear to be coming down with a case of vowel disassociation syndrome, which is a textbook symptom of a broken towel.

  12. isto

    Offendi: Or try dividing it by 44682875…

    Dan: Anyone who has ever jumped on a pile of leaves should be familiar with the sneakiness of slugs. It’s a good thing grown elk are so big — otherwise, they could sneak into your leaf pile and really do some damage with those antlers.

    ColdFusion & Albino: I propose that, in the event we need to refer to some newer version of AlbinoNinja, we go with Neo AlbinoNinja to avoid confusion with this incident. Or maybe AlbinoNinja 2.0. Thoughts?

  13. Jakeland

    The last panel of this comic reminded me that scientist surmise that triceratops(’s? not sure how to make that plural) don’t exist, and they are really just young versions of Torosaurus, which reminded me that the Brontosaurus never existed either :/

  14. dfinlay

    1 isn’t prime.

  15. isto

    Whoops. Got a little lazy there writing my loony rant. Corrected.

  16. xscythe7x

    Gazpacho has 8 letters. 8 is 2 cubed.

  17. isto

    Now I’m scared.

  18. The Soul of a Reddish-Brown Furred Mostly Nonhuman Intellectual Cold-Loving Fox

    At least you know where your towel is, you hoopy frood.
    Do you think not turning the shower off might have something to do with your towel being broken?

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