September 2nd, 2010

The Unstartled Giraffe 4

(To be continued.)

Thanks to the miracle of time travel, I’ve received some fan art from the WWII-era U.S. Air Force. It’s a neat surprise, but they got the logo clock all wrong.

To anyone interested, Mountain Time is in need of a short, informative essay about Canada. Fourish paragraphs should suffice, and the best entry will be woven into the Mountain Time fabric. All lesser entries will be shoved onto some gimmick page and made fun of. (Ok, I probably won’t make fun of them, but that was a really satisfying ending to that sentence, you know?) Email me some essays, dudes and ladies!


Happy Labor Day! Mountain Time returns tomorrow, provided I don’t decide that making Mountain Time return tomorrow counts as labor. We’ll see.


  1. Golden Joe

    I may attempt that essay. While I do not actually live in Canada, my state is close enough for me the scrutinize it’s maple leaves from a distance.

    Also, I feel a little iffy about the Nissan. I want a car that is safe for the environment. I need this thing to plant trees while I drive.

  2. bojangles the 3rd

    When I look around me,
    I can’t believe what I see
    It seems as if this country
    Has lost it’s will to live
    The economy is lousy,
    We barely have an army
    But we can still stand proudly
    ‘Cause Canada’s really big

    We’re the second largest country
    On this planet Earth
    And if Russia
    Keeps on shrinking
    Then soon we’ll be first
    (as long as we keep Quebec)

    The USA has tanks
    And Switzerland has banks
    They can keep them, thanks
    They just don’t amount
    ‘Cause when you get down to it
    You find out what the truth is
    It isn’t what you do with it
    It’s the size that counts!

    Most people
    Will tell you
    That France is pretty large
    But you can put
    Fourteen Frances
    Into this land of ours
    (it’d take a lotta work, it’s take a whole lotta work)

    More lyrics:

  3. hello happy pirate

    I’ve always wanted an emotionally available nissan!

  4. ColdFusion

    Ugh, I write car advertisements all day so this is, like, seeing my job mixed in with my fun times.
    That was a neat bit of time travel though.

  5. isto

    Joe: Essay it up, man! Also, get a bike and throw seeds everywhere while you ride.

    Bojangles: Email! Email!

    HHP: Apparently there’s one available, either in Lansing or at the bottom of the ocean. Best of luck!

    ColdFusion: Deepest sympathies, man! I know a thing or two about spending all day looking at advertising copy. Maybe some anti-advertising would reverse the negative effects of today’s comic?

    Do you hate your legs so much that you’d like to spend years in debt just to avoid using them? Does clean air piss you off? Do you prefer your seafood coated in petroleum? If so, buy a car!

  6. ColdFusion

    YES. that is EXACTLY right. They’re stressmachines. Oh well, I only have to write ads 5 hours a day, the other 3 hours I get to record them with my smooth, smooth voice.

  7. isto

    You could make some smooth, smooth Mountain Time ads, just sayin’.

  8. hello happy pirate

    Do it Coldfusion. Mountain Time Ads would be a commercial I WOULDN’T skip with Tivo.

  9. Coy Woodnesse

    Canada, eh? Sounds fun. Unfortunately I’m pretty swamped at the moment, but if I have spare time this weekend I’ll send something about it.

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