August 16th, 2010

The Unstartled Giraffe

It’s true: he’s got years of experience at not turning into water.

There’s a fair chance of a Tuesday update, but I can’t guarantee it — I’m currently turning into water myself.


  1. hello happy pirate

    I was a humidity martyr once. How Am I still here you ask?
    I got better.

  2. Golden Joe

    I wouldn’t taunt air. Just think about the things it could do to you!

  3. Dav

    i was an elephant once or twice

  4. ColdFusion

    See my problem is, where I live, the air has all the water it needs. I’m TRYING to give it some, cool off a bit, but it refuses.. it won’t accept it.. so it just stays on me.. That, and I have powerful engines installed in my thighs that run hot and won’t turn off when not in use..

  5. isto

    HHP: Humidity martyrdom is like being a newt?

    Joe: Air is pretty powerful, but can be defeated easily with the leaf shield, which you acquire when you beat Wood Man.

    Dav: The elephant got startled. The giraffe did not.

    ColdFusion: I think your air is also trying to turn you into water, but by a different method: if you keep producing water that doesn’t incorporate into the air, eventually you will have converted entirely. Also, you have roboquads too?

  6. hello happy pirate

    Sooooooo…. I’m guessing we’re not having a tuesday comic?

  7. AlbinoNinja

    Apparently not a Thursday comic either. I expect that isto has fully turned into water.

  8. ColdFusion

    RIP isto. He turned into water. Succeeded by his beloved water vapor.
    .. I guess that was more of an obituary.. but they didn’t have those back on the Oregon Trail so I don’t know about them.

  9. ColdFusion

    .. I had fake html tags there with ‘headstone’ but they didn’t show up.. that’s why I said.. .. nvm.

  10. Evaporated Isto

    Sorry, dudes. I’m now in my 3rd phase. I should be reconstituted by Monday.

  11. hello happy pirate

    Told you you can get better.

  12. hello happy pirate


  13. Jakeland


  14. Golden Joe

    Maybe we have to wait until Winter, when all the water freezes.

  15. ColdFusion

    Would he be Ice-to then? *rimshot*

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