July 22nd, 2010

We Are The Future So You Don’t Have To

It’s probably worth noting that today’s comic was partially inspired by Tori Spelling.

Don’t forget: there’s new Spatula Drama coming this Saturday and Sunday!

The unicorn made the Characters page, by the way.


  1. AlbinoNinja

    So… dwarf planets are actually small animals with helipacks floating around in space…?

  2. AlbinoNinja

    Which is actually just one giant bar owned by a unicorn?

  3. isto

    If you think that interpretation will get my name in the astronomy books, then yes. Absolutely.

    Also, I wouldn’t call them small animals. Quaoar seems to be a bear that’s as large as (or larger than) a unicorn, and Makemake is bigger still.

  4. Bart

    Dude, the unicorn did not make the Characters page. I looked up, down, left right, sideways, intraveniously, in a parralell universite (where it still did not) at that page and couldn’t find him

  5. hello happy pirate

    Finally! I’ve been wanting bar-tending unicorn to be in the character’s page for… hold on… 16 comics now!

  6. isto

    Bart: It really seems to me that he did, right after the penguins. Did you try refreshing the page?

    HHP: That’s not that long at all — the penguins waited for well over a year.

  7. Golden Joe

    Don’t they have laws about throwing bricked cheese? That’s how my cousin broke his leg.

  8. ColdFusion

    Wait, the unicorn made it TO the page, or he MADE the page?
    The steak-slug there will have its revenge when it gets run over and the train promptly runs out of track.

  9. isto

    Unicorns can’t make webpages. That’s ridiculous.

    Joe: It’s hard to bring the law down on Eris.

  10. Coy Woodnesse

    Generally I’m more of a chocolate fan, but that unicorn certainly makes cheese seem appealing. I’ll pass on the brick fondue, though.

  11. Dougie

    A man once read cheese
    Interesting provolone
    But never again

  12. TommyyT

    Hello sir,

    I haven’t commented on Mountain Time yet, but I figured that I should. I just wanted to say that I believe that your comics are written specifically for people that are high. They just make so much sense. When one is… under the influence of marijuana.

    Thank you.

  13. hello happy pirate

    Actually isto, Bart is right. Bartender Unicorn isn’t there.

  14. Bart

    the penguins are not there either. I’ve refreshed the page several times (then and now) and it ends with the sneezing girl

  15. ColdFusion

    Are you guys taking the piss or what? I see bartending unicorn and penguins and there’s no sneezing girl.. but then if it’s a subtle joke I apologize for not getting it.

  16. hello happy pirate

    ColdFusion: Seriously, It won’t show up! I can’t get it to show me anything past Adios Taco. (at least that’s the last one that show’s up with descriptions)

    Bart: That last picture’s Donna. Remember? Please do not eat me, I am not a fish?

  17. isto

    That is very odd. I can’t think of a reason why it wouldn’t show up. Then again, I’m not exactly good at this web stuff.

  18. Coy Woodnesse

    The only problem I’ve had with the characters page is some pictures not showing up, but the descriptions are always there, and the pictures reappear after I refresh the page once or twice. I didn’t encounter that problem before Bartending Unicorn showed up, so perhaps a bit of Windex-based drink spilled on the page is the source of the malfunction.

  19. ColdFusion

    all I know is I’m getting more and more inclined to draw me some Donna the Bears fanart.

  20. Booster Seat

    I highly encourage Donna the Bears fanart. Isto’s apartment needs some decorating and a sexy-schizophrenic-bear-woman would look great in the living room.

  21. hello happy pirate

    Internet Explorer, at least on Windows 8, won’t show some of the characters page.
    BUT! If you use Google chrome, you can see all the page in it’s splendor!

  22. ColdFusion

    Oh explorer, you have problems.. I gave you so many years of my life..
    So yeah, fanart’s been done for days but I wanna post it when the comic updates.. but maybe I’m jinxing it..

  23. isto

    Ah, right. I often forget some people don’t use Firefox. It’s still odd, though, because I didn’t do anything different with the new additions.

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