July 19th, 2010

Refraction’s Tulip

Remember last week, when I said that maybe I had made an entire additional site? Well, it looks like I actually did. You can go to that site by clicking here.


  1. hello happy pirate

    I feel ya’ Reg. I hate licking wizards almost as much as I hate playing pinball with my next door neighbor’s refrigorator… Stupid fridge allways tilts the machine when I’m trying to beat it’s high-score.

  2. dav


  3. ColdFusion

    CONTINUITY!!! spoonerisms are great. I’d rather have a bottle afront of me than a frontal lobotomy.

  4. Golden Joe

    Well, at least wax is better than oil.

  5. Coy Woodnesse

    Looks like Earth’s in trouble again. If Surf Rat shows up for a game of Wax vs. Wave of Freedom, though, I’m betting Wave of Freedom beats Wax.

  6. Burnt Pies

    The Wave of Freedom beats everything. There’s just no contest.

  7. isto

    To be fair, Dave has managed to escape the comeuppance of the WoF a few times. No one’s beaten it, though.

  8. hello happy pirate

    What about Noah? I hear he has powers of Biblical proportions… seriously. BIBLICAL.

  9. AlbinoNinja

    Noah only went up against the slightly less powerful wave of God. There’s no way he could stand up to the wave of freedom.

  10. meatballsforeveryone

    I still feel sorry for giraffe. Molten lava is hot.

  11. isto

    Yeah, but death by lava is cooler (pun half-intended) than most other kinds of death, especially for a sinister giraffe.

    Oh, and Noah would be fine against the WoF — IF he had ample forewarning to build a boat. Sucker.

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