July 8th, 2010



  1. Golden Joe

    Note to self: Koalas are not edible.

  2. AlbinoNinja

    Joe, they are definitely edible, that guy was just Koala-intolerant.

  3. senselessViolinist

    This is… the best comic.

  4. hello happy pirate

    That, or the Koala was just past it’s expiration date.

  5. isto

    Violinist: Thanks!

    Others: You’ve got to chew your food.

  6. ColdFusion

    i like this girl.
    Eating eucalyptus will make you vomit.

  7. hello happy pirate

    That reminds me! I know this is off the topic of the comic isto, but it’s most certainly on the topic of mountain time! I would totally buy a shirt with apocolypsis on it. Just saying.

  8. isto

    Pirate: Awesome! I’d love to be cranking out some shirts (I have SO many ideas), but I haven’t found a way to do it yet that doesn’t cost you more than $20 before I even make a cent. And it’s not about the profit; it’s that I don’t want to charge people over $20 for a shirt.

  9. hello happy pirate

    True, true. I’ve run into that problem a couple times myself.
    I say that as if I’ve found a solution…
    Which I have not. But I’m working on it!!

  10. ColdFusion

    What we really need is shirts with swappable designs, because honestly you’d get sick of the same one all the time.. in the same place..
    then cool people like isto can just print out small fabric swatches for us to attach to our clothing, which has to be a lot cheaper.
    or hell, just LCD shirts.

  11. isto

    How about you wear a white t-shirt, and for 10 bucks, the Mountain Time Projection Satellite will project a design of your choice onto the shirt?

  12. hello happy pirate

    That’s still in orbit? I thought it went down upon coliding with the russian satelite, Sputnik?

  13. AlbinoNinja

    How did you get funding for a satellite, isto??!

  14. isto

    Of course I have a satellite! You think they let just anybody put drawings on the internet?

    Fun fact: Hello Happy Pirate’s comment about shirts was Mountain Time’s 1000th comment overall.

  15. ColdFusion

    Ahhh if only I’d waited a bit! XD

  16. hello happy pirate

    I feel like I accomplished something in life now. :3

  17. isto

    ColdFusion: Wouldn’t you rather get 1111th anyway?

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