June 3rd, 2010

Not Mountain Time 175

I adjusted the last panel into a convenient new way to apologize to people on the interweb.


Copy and paste away.


  1. Marty

    Honestly, that red stuff looks like delicious tomato soup! I dunno’ if it’s supposed to be lava or something. And I supposed you used some sort of very mild laser vision to make this comic strip. GOOD ONE!

  2. isto

    Yeah, I’m really laid up. I can’t even type! And WOW, you’re right — it is tomato-soup colored! I actually pulled the color straight from a photo of lava. I wanted something more orange, but the colors in the photo were divided surprisingly starkly into yellow and red.

  3. AlbinoNinja

    I’ll forgive you this time, Isto, but there better be a five part special once you’re feeling better!

  4. dav

    get better! and remember, even though green tea is good for you, it isn’t necessarily good for you. unless there’s a taco. then it isn’t good for dogs either.

  5. ColdFusion

    so you’re using some kind of helper monkey? ooh, or even better, a HAMBURGER helper monkey?

  6. isto

    Monkeys are not for eating with hamburger! Monkeys are for standing near toolboxes.

  7. hello happy pirate

    Did you really smash your tea cup on the counter? Cause that’s what I do when hot beverages scald my mouth. Only instead of counter I mean wall. And instead of tea cup I mean fist.

  8. Coy Woodnesse

    This comic is actually pretty impressive in terms of things drawn with hands covered in gauze. Anyway, get better soon!

  9. isto

    HH Pirate: Of course not!

    Coy: Yeah, I’d say these are slightly more detailed than the average Mountain Time episode. Which means that, if I apply myself, I can draw better than someone with a wrapped-up hand.

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