May 31st, 2010

Mountain Time 174

Update: I did a guest comic for Unicellular that you should consider checking out. Also, happy birthday Unicellular!


  1. AlbinoNinja

    This one seems more… fragmented than the others, while still appearing to hold a story. Almost like it were a couple episodes of Lost, or so I’ve heard.

  2. The Notorious Hamster

    The Unicorn Bartender better be a recurring character from now on, because it got serious “lol” from me.

  3. Beans

    He’s trying to summon Bloody Mary for a threesome.
    That is so brilliant my hyoid bone is hurting.

  4. ColdFusion

    I think I’d rather not have sex with a super oldtimey murder lady.. I mean, I’m dubious about the blood-baths actually making her skin any good.. after all, the places where you had blood, the skin underneath never looks good, does it?
    Do you suppose it’d work if you said ‘Marina Sirtis’ three times in a mirror?

  5. hello happy pirate

    I wish MY bartender was a unicorn. Or vice versa.

  6. Justin

    I’ll have a Bloody Mary, hold the Windex.

  7. isto

    Albino: It’s also completely tame and linear compared to others.

    NotHam: I’ll see what I can do.

    Beans: Thanks!

    ColdFusion: I dunno. She might have to be dead first. But, you know, give it a shot.

    HH Pirate: Man, I wish I had my own bartender and/or unicorn. You so lucky dog.

    Justin: Could this be a new trend in drink ordering? “Give me a gin and tonic, no Ajax.”

  8. Marty

    Haha! That unicorn makes a pretty awesome bartender (no pun intended).

  9. Marty

    WAIT! That’s no mountain! It’s the lady’s dress/skirt.

  10. AlbinoNinja

    Marty: Dear god, you’re right!

  11. isto

    I guess I should’ve tried to crunch another panel in there to make the zoom-out easier to follow, but there really wasn’t much room to spare.

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