April 5th, 2010

Somewhere, There’s A Jark

Last week was a little tame.

Oh, and yesterday was International Waste Eggs day! Here’s how I wasted some of mine:



  1. dav

    truly, all things considered, doesn’t every easter egg hatch forth a snailbear?

  2. AlbinoNinja

    You don’t eat them after you’re done?

  3. isto

    Well sure, but they’ve lost all their preparation potential.

  4. The Notorious Hamster

    Panel 10 does not make any sense.

  5. Booster Seat

    I disagree, I think panel 10 makes so much sense that it scares you.

  6. dav

    its logic changed my outlook on life, not ham, idk WHAT you’re on about

  7. The Soul of a Reddish-Brown Mostly Nonhuman Intellectual Cold Loving Fox

    Fondue dinners are great, you should try one sometime — especially if it’s a MAILBOX-BLOOD FONDUE!!!
    Also, I deliver certain mail-like items once a week, and no-one has a mailbox like that anymore! Ok, one person does. But it’s half-hidden by a pine tree so it doesn’t even look like that. And when you look closely, it’s really just a cheap plastic knockoff.

  8. isto

    Well, no one has rotary phones either, except for everyone in Mountain Time.

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