December 17th, 2009

Five Boats


  1. Anonymous

    That last panel made my day. For serious.

    And now I want to start my own Staircase Olympics team.

  2. Golden Joe

    If there’s a Staircase Olympics team, then there should be an Extreme Ironing Olympic Team. Also, do you think Micheal Phelps could get a record number of gold medals in the Staircase Olympics?

  3. isto

    Anonymous: Thanks! But it’s too bad when anyone runs out of tea. Also: I would be more on board with a Staircase Olympics team if it weren’t for how I’m already having trouble building a moopsball team. Then again, moopsball teams are a lot bigger.
    Joe: Depends on how good he is at building/ascending/descending staircases. Also: isn’t all ironing extreme?

  4. verb is a noun

    oh man, running out of tea is terrible REGARDLESS of sexual orientation.

  5. dav

    USA! USA! USA! sorry, the staircase olympics always get my national pride going

  6. Smooshler

    Really good stuff. I like the stick figure guys stretching in the background. Can stick figures pull muscles?

  7. Golden Joe

    Isto: You’re totally right. One time, I was ironing my pants, AND THE WRINKLES WOULDN’T COME OUT.

  8. AlbinoNinja

    Isto: Sorry for not gettin’ my transcribe on. I’ve been slightly busy this week. They should be complete soon.

  9. isto

    Albino: You talk like you’re on the payroll! But your transcriptions, as always, are great. Thanks! Also, there isn’t a payroll.

  10. AlbinoNinja

    Whoops, I didn’t mean to sound like I’m the man for the job! It just seems like they don’t get done until I complete them.

  11. isto

    I meant that more in a “don’t feel like you’re obligated, but you know, if you really want to feel obligated, go ahead!” way.

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