December 1st, 2009

Puddle Inaccuracies

Pelican Cello, Pelican Cello


  1. The Golden Protractor.

    Yeah, Trevor, stop daydreaming and serve the fucking ball.

  2. Booster Seat

    I prefer to think that Trevor is playing badminton. So “stop daydreaming and serve the fucking shuttlecock” seems more appropriate.

  3. dav

    can hands speak in the vacuum of space?

  4. AlbinoNinja

    The curvature of guy number two’s head changed once he was in imaginary chainsaw land!!! Get with the picture, Combs.

  5. kiev

    its because he was surprised, albino. if you open your mouth to scream, the shadow of your head will change. therefore, the curvature of his head changed.

  6. kiev

    because stick figures are, in essence, just simple creations, like shadows.

  7. Golden Joe

    When did the mailbox stop saying bones?

  8. isto

    Protractor/Booster: I think a hearty debate could settle this discrepancy, no?
    dav: Nope.
    Albino: That’s not Guy #2; it’s Guy #1 envisioning himself living out the adventure of Guy #2, whom he clearly envies as a hand talker of superior bravado. Get with the implied narrative, Ninja. (Also, nice!)
    kiev: Thanks for thinking I draw with nuance!
    Joe: That was just one of many mailboxes, man. Then you have to ask whether this one is actually a mailbox or just a faulty mental rendition of a chainsaw. It’s a whole complicated thing, I guess?

  9. Booster Seat

    You will notice that Trevor is not wearing pants, this is a strong indication that he is playing badminton and not tennis. Tennis balls are harder and are hit mith more force, therefore it would be way too dangerous to play tennis without pants (or a skirt or some sort of lower half covering).

  10. ColdFusion

    I rather hope I never have a thought bubble with panel demarcations.. that looks like it would hurt..

    to say nothing of the… open-faced people… hmmmm

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